Miss Charm 2020 Meet the Delegates

11 Feb 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

The inaugural edition of Miss Charm, i.e. Miss Charm 2020, will host its coronation night on 17th March 2020 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam where stunning beauties from all over the world will compete for the international crown. Miss Charm aims to search for the most exceptional representatives in the world, to appreciate women’s beauty as well as accelerate culture, education and tourism.


Miss Charm 2020 Meet the Delegates


Here are the exceptional beauties, holding prior experience in the pageantry, competing for Miss Charm 2020 revealed till now –

Miss Charm Albania 2020 Adela Cani

Miss Charm Argentina 2020 Marilyn Weiss

Miss Charm Armenia 2020 Monika

Miss Charm Bolivia 2020 Fabiana Hurtado

Miss Charm Brazil 2020 Bianca Scheren

Miss Charm Cambodia 2020 Sotheary By

Miss Charm Canada 2020 Tiffany Tari

Miss Charm Chile 2020 Anahi Hormazabal Garay

Miss Charm China 2020 Aurora Mengjia

Miss Charm Colombia 2020 Mariana Jaramilloco

Miss Charm Costa Rica 2020 Karina Ramos

Miss Charm Czech Republic 2020 Mariana Beckova

Miss Charm Denmark 2020 Anne Dalum

Miss Charm Dominican Republic 2020 Aletxa Marie Mueses Santana

Miss Charm Ecuador 2020 Jocelyn Mieles

Miss Charm Ethiopia 2020 Bitaniya Yosef

Miss Charm Finland 2020 Riikka Uusitalo

Miss Charm Indonesia 2020 Dr. Putri Mentari Sitanggang

Miss Charm Kenya 2020 Stacy Michuki

Miss Charm Lithuania 2020 Nastya Solovey

Miss Charm Malaysia 2020 Shannen Jade Totten

Miss Charm Mexico 2020 Yuridia Duran

Miss Charm Mongolia 2020 Azzaya Tsogt Ochir

Miss Charm Namibia 2020 Jesica Mundie Uiras

Miss Charm Nicaragua 2020 Sugey Ruiz

Miss Charm Panama 2020 Ana Lucia Tejeira Healy

Miss Charm Paraguay 2020 Lourdes Motta

Miss Charm Peru 2020 Romina Lozano

Miss Charm Philippines 2020 Ashley Subijano Montenegro

Miss Charm Poland 2020 Aleksandra Kielan

Miss Charm Puerto Rico 2020 Alejandra Pagan

Miss Charm Russia 2020 Anna Baksheeva

Miss Charm Singapore 2020 Bernadette Belle Ong

Miss Charm Spain 2020 Sofía del Prado

Miss Charm Tanzania 2020 Greatness Nkuba

Miss Charm Thailand 2020 Polfah Punika Kulsoontornrut

Miss Charm Ukraine 2020 Natalia Bolykh

Miss Charm Venezuela 2020 Claudymar Oropeza Avanzo

Miss Charm Vietnam 2020 Quynh Nga

Miss Charm Zambia 2020 Grace Mwila

Miss Charm Nigeria 2020 Aramide Lopez

Miss Charm International pageant founded and initiated by Miss Charm International Organization. It wishes to explore and introduce and connect people all the world through culture. It is licensed by the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and exclusively hosted by the Miss Charm International Limited Company.