Miss Cosmopolitan World promoting Tourism is the new pageant to join the club

24 Jun 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015


Check this out all pageant followers, make way for a new international pageant, which is heading its way to the club of pageants. An all new international beauty pageant that promotes tourism is making its debut in Malaysia with gorgeous young ladies from all corners of the world to participate.

The pageant is named as Miss Cosmopolitan World and is organised by Amelia Productions under the production director Amelia Liew. Amelia shared that the inaugural of Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015 (MCW 2015) pageant is expecting participants from some 30 countries. The new pageant will aim at not just the outer beauty and poise of a woman, but also will deal with the intelligence, charisma and dare to dream big attitude of the ladies.

Our main objective is to create awareness and values of tourism in Malaysia. We would introduce the famous most-visited tourist places into the pageant as part of Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015 campaign,” said MCW founder Amelia Liew at the Kuala Lumpur launch of the pageant in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur on June 15, 2015. “MCW will make a historic breakthrough in the Malaysian beauty pageantry as contestants from around the world are free to participate. This innovation lays a foundation for regional beauty pageants as a way to promote the culture of beauty pageantry of the world.” Liew added.

The media launch of the pageant was held in Penang on May 20, 2015. The launch event was graced by many renowned personalities from all walks of life. Hotel Istana sales and marketing director Susan Goh, marketing communications consultant Kenny Gordvyn, And Jo Productions founder John Oh  were few who were present at the event along with the sponsors, partners, friends, supporters and members of the media. As claimed by the organization, the MCW will aim at promoting tourism.

According to the founder, Liew, the pageant will act as the path towards nurturing unity and understanding among Asians and the rest of the world community. The grand finale of Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015 is scheduled to be held on October 9’ 2015 at the grand ballroom of Hotel Istana, the pageant’s official hotel and venue. The finale of the pageant will be judged by a panel of international judges.


Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015