Priota Farelin Iftekhar crowned Miss Culture Worldwide 2018

18 Dec 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The grand finale of Miss Culture Worldwide 2018 was held on Victory Day, that is 16th December 2018, in Harare, Zimbabwe and the conclusion of the event saw the crowning of the hardworking and beautiful Priota Farelin Iftekar from Bangladesh as the new winner.

Priota is an actor, model and a travel blogger also known as The Flag Girl. She is particularly known for her desire to promote and ease travel for women from around the world, especially from countries with weak passports.

During the finale, Priota was lauded for her speaking ability and her presentation was centred around Victory Day and the Liberation War. Her cultural presentation saw her honour the brave sacrifice of white-sari-clad female freedom fighters, who so valiantly fought for their motherland in 1971.


Priota Farelin Iftekar crowned Miss Culture Worldwide 2018


Priota completely deserved this win as she performed exceedingly well even though she has a very grievous ankle sprain from a few weeks earlier. She was very proud to bring forth the culture and ethnicity of her country, Bangladesh and present it to the entire world.

Miss Culture Worldwide 2018 was Priota’s last contribution to the pageant world as currently her focus as The Flag Girl revolves around Africa, and promoting travel and tourism both in, and for the nation.

The court of Miss Culture Worldwide 2018 Priota Farelin Iftekar coincidentally included Miss Culture Worldwide Zimbabwe 2018 as well, who was adjudged the second runner-up. Miss Culture Worldwide Zambia 2018 was awarded the position of the first runner-up at the conclusion of the show.

The pageant also gave out special awards, namely Miss Personality to Miss Culture Worldwide Russia 2018 and Miss Culture Worldwide Rwanda 2018 was awarded the position of Destination Marketing Ambassador in the show.

Angelopedia congratulates Priota and all the other winners and hopes that she continues in her amazing path to make travelling safe for women around the world. Kudos to her bravery and courage!