Miss Czech Republic 2020 Live Blog Full Results

20 Jul 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Czech Republic 2020 is all set to host its coronation night on 23rd July 2020 where ten finalists, chosen by the organization, will compete for five crowns and the opportunity to represent Czech Republic at Miss World 2020, Miss Grand International 2020, Miss International 2020, Miss Intercontinental 2020 and Miss Supranational 2020.

The finale will be broadcasted on Ocko Tv from 7:50 Pm. The ten delegates who have been selected to compete for the national title have been prepping themselves for the competition as they have been working on their on-stage walk, body postures, body angles and communication, and interview skills.

Watch the live stream of the finale of Miss Czech Republic 2020 –



Watch the full results of Miss Czech Republic 2020 (updated as and when announced) –

Miss World Czech Republic 2020 – Karoli´na Kopi´ncova´

Miss Grand Czech Republic 2020 – Barbora Aglerova´

Miss International Czech Republic 2020 – Natalie Kocendova

Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2020 – Veronika Šmídová

Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2020 – Angelika Kostyshynová

The ten ladies competing for Miss Czech Republic 2020 are Angelika Kostyshynova (Age: 23 Years, Height: 174 cm), Veronika Šmídová (Age: 18 Years, Height: 177 cm), Adela Maderycova (Age: 20 Years, Height: 177 cm), Karolína Kopíncová (Age: 21 Years, Height: 183 cm), Tereza Blatakova (Age: 21 Years, Height: 182 cm), Barbora Aglerová (Age: 21 Years, Height: 179 cm), Sandra Bourdon (Age: 18 Years, Height: 180 cm), Jana Smejkalová (Age: 18 Years, Height: 179 cm), Markéta Chytilová (Age: 18 Years, Height: 176 cm) and Natálie Kocendová (Age: 20 Years, Height: 174 cm).