The remarkable reign of Miss Earth 2018 Phương Khánh Nguyễn

24 Sep 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

Phuong Khánh Nguyen from Vietnam astonished everyone with her brilliance at the coronation of Miss Earth 2018 as she bested eighty-six delegates and won the international crown and brought pride to her country. She was handed over the prestigious crown at the finale night held on 3rd November 2018 in the Land of beauty – the Philippines.

Ever since her international crowning, the 24-year-old beauty has achieved so much and has forged a celebrity image in her homeland Vietnam. By winning the international crown, this bilingual Marketing student fulfilled her lifelong dream that she nurtured since she was 15.


The remarkable reign of Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khánh Nguy?n


Beautifully answering her question at the Miss Earth 2018 coronation where she was asked about the pressing issues of this generation and Phuong astonished everyone with her mature thinking and eloquence as she kept her ideas in front of the panel of judges and the audience by saying, “Good evening, everyone. My answer is our ignoring. We have so many technologies, and we just use social media and only care about ourselves. We should spend our time to think and feel with what's happening with the Earth right now. One small action multiplied by a million people can transform the world.”

Her first press conference as the reigning Miss Earth queen was held on 12th November 2018 at the White Palace Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Later, she became the cover of Harper's Bazaar women's fashion magazine in its December 2018 Vietnam edition and was featured with an interview about her life and success in the Miss Earth pageant.


The remarkable reign of Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khánh Nguy?n


The beauty never missed a chance to make her nation feel proud and one such moment occurred when she received the Inspirational Journey Award in the annual WeChoice Awards in Vietnam in January 2019 for her achievement in Miss Earth pageant and contributions to the community from various garbage collection campaigns in the river and campaigns to gradually change living habits to have a great significance in protecting the environment

In addition to this, she was nominated as the Ambassador of the Earth Hour 2019 in March 2019 to promote the event and to implement several environmental protection activities. In addition to this, Phuonglaunched a project through the Southern Customs Office Department in Vietnam on April 10, 2019 and awarded 20 scholarships worth 1 million VND to 20 students with financial difficulties, awarded a youth project of a sterile drinking water supply system for Nhon Chau High School and 2 sterilized drinking water machines for Thon Tay Kindergarten, tree planting activities and marine environment cleaning in Nhon Chau island in QuyNhon, BìnhÐ?nh Province.


The remarkable reign of Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khánh Nguy?n


The beauty also attended a welcome dinner hosted by the Japanese Education Association and expressed her intention to bridge cultural exchanges between Japan and Vietnam. She was designated as the ambassador of Japanese Language Association for non-native speakers and for international students in which she will participate in activities to meet, exchange and learn about the local Japanese training model.


The remarkable reign of Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khánh Nguy?n


The beauty also visited India and reunited with Miss Earth Water 2018 Valeria Ayos from Colombia to serve as one of the judges in the selection of Miss Earth India 2019 under the organization, Miss Divine Beauty Pageant. Phuongalong with crowning the new queen, also performed social work activities, tree planting, and environmental protection and community awareness campaign and received an "Award of Excellence" from The Earth Saviours Foundation based in India.

During her reign as Miss Earth, she had travelled to Philippines, Vietnam, Réunion Island, Singapore, United States, Japan, Colombia, India, Malaysia to fulfil her dutiesand visited Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, and Australia to meet with her pageant sponsors, supporters, and relatives.


The remarkable reign of Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khánh Nguy?n

(Photo Credits: Phuong Khánh Nguyen Instagram Official)

With her reign coming to an end,Phuonghas surely made her country proud with all her accomplishments. Besides all her achievements, this diva always left an astounding impression in various interviews, beauty pageants and events and a little sparkle wherever she went. She will now crown her successor at the gala night of Miss Earth 2019 to be hosted on 26th October 2019 in the Philippines.