Miss Earth 2018 to be held in Philippines

09 Jul 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth 2018 finale is all set to be held in the Boracay Island and the audience could not be more thrilled. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Philippines  has decided to host the Miss Earth pageant at the world’s best island – Boracay.

Boracay is the best destination, they could have decided upon for many reasons apart from its white sand beaches and its fame for being one of the world's top destinations for amusement and relaxation purposes. Miss Earth 2018 will soon welcome the 80 beauty queens in the arms of active waters.


Miss Earth 2018 to be held in Philippines

(Photo Credits: Karen Ibasco Instagram Official)

The pageant will see Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco passing down her reign to the lady, who will be the most deserving of all for the crown and title of Miss Earth 2018. As Miss Earth is the pageant that is not just confined to the lines of beauty, but to the world of causes and compassion, it is important that the contestants do their own thing and support the causes that they most believe in.

Miss Earth is an annual beauty pageant aimed at promoting environmental awareness. Carousel Productions organized and launched the first Miss Earth beauty pageant in 2001 to actively promote the preservation of the environment. Miss Earth is considered as one of the big four international pageants. The winner of the Miss Earth Beauty pageant titled Miss Earth and the runners-up are given titles named after the other classical elements of life, i.e. Miss Earth Air, Miss Earth Water and Miss Earth Fire.

Since its inception, the Miss Earth pageant has been held annually in the Philippines except in the year 2010 (Vietnam) and in the year 2015 (Austria).

Let us wait for the finale to come and root for our amazing ladies, who will soon become the face of environmental advocacy of protecting and preserving mother earth.