Miss Earth Air Australia 2019 Sheridan Mortlock for Miss Earth Australia 2020?

08 Aug 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Earth Australia recently announced that due to the current pandemic situation in the country the organization will choose the next representative of Australia for Miss Earth 2020 competition from 2019 Elemental Queens. The organization also mentioned that all the elemental queens; Air, Water, Fire, and Charity will undergo a series of interviews amongst new set of judges and the Miss Earth Australia Board. They will also be interviews by the respectable international pageant bloggers and the panel interview of the Elemental Queens will be held on 15th August 2020 at Sir Stamford Hotel, Sydney. The winner will succeed Miss Earth Australia 2019 Susana Downes.

Sheridan Mortlock who was adjudged as the Miss Earth Air Australia 2019 at the end of the event finale has caught our attention for the title as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Australia at Miss Earth 2020 stage. She is 20-years-old and is currently majoring in Sustainable Development as her International Relations degree and minor degree in cultural and society study at the University of Wollongong, Australia and she is very passionate about the environment and raising awareness about waste management along with switching from plastics to biodegradable  products.



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Prior her win at Miss Earth Australia 2019 as the official Miss Earth Air Australia 2019, Sheridan was Miss Teen Australia National Finalist and feels very comfortable and confident on-stage. She has been passionate about modelling and beauty pageants since a very young age and her dream is to be a professional model and beauty queen title holder after which she wants to represent Australia at international stage.

In her spare time, she likes playing the piano, reading, expanding my Japanese and French fluency, and hanging out at the beach. She describes herself as a friendly personality who loves to meet new people and seeing achieving her goals. Recently, she answered some of the fan question where she mentioned that her favourite nature sound is the sound of the wind blowing the palm trees, bird chirping and hens. She was also asked about how pageant queens can help in creating awareness about general environmental issues and Covid19 as well, to which she answered that by putting out the correct information using the platform they have.

Sheridan also explains that she feels that there are a lot of people in her country who don’t understand that importance or work of a beauty queen and how much impact they can bring in the world but, she is very grateful that she is the part of the community of beauty pageant world. She wants to use her platform to not only make a positive change among the people but also try to change the mindset of the people about beauty pageants and the winners.



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The diva stated that one of the things that she has learned during her stint at Miss Earth Australia 2019 is the fact that beauty pageants are not just about pretty face and dresses but much more than that. She also mentioned that she has always been passionate about the environment and has always tried to make environmental-positive choices in life like for example, taking a bag to the grocery store and not purchasing one; even though it is a little step, it counts. On asking about the three major environmental issues in Australia, Sheridan answered; landfill, deforestation, and the water management. She wants to use her platform to raise awareness about switching from plastic to biodegradable, compostable products.

Sheridan shared that she works on her walk everyday just to ace it the next time she gets to walk on-stage along with working on her body angles, and postures is also something she practices every day. She is very grateful for the opportunity that she received during her journey at Miss Earth Australia 2019. She hopes to be a part of beauty pageant and represent Australia at international level. She advises young girls to join Miss Earth beauty pageant as well if they want to make a positive impact on the environment.