Ornella Karruku crowned Miss Earth Albania 2021

10 Jul 2021 | Ana Walia

The Miss Universe Albania Organization hosted the coronation night on 9th July 2021 at Salla E Adorions, Amor Palace, Autostrada Tirane-Durres. Ornella Karruku was crowned Miss Earth Albania in 2021 and earned the opportunity to represent Albania in Miss Earth 2021.

Hailing from Tirana, Ornella is 23-years-old and is excited about representing Albania at Miss Earth 2021. She was born and raised in Germany but in 2019 returned to Albania. Ornella stated that she decided to compete in Miss Universe Albania 2021 for several reasons, to show that the people of Albania are beautiful, both with natural and human beauty and to show the youth, her peers, that we are the generation, which should make it impossible for this beautiful and prosperous country to move forward.


Ornella Karruku crowned Miss Earth Albania 2021


Ornella stated, "I am proud of my country, and I want our voice to echo everywhere, here and around the world to show that we can. We are the ones who know how to move forward and change everything for the better." The diva stated that her family has always supported and pushed her towards following her dreams and being kind to everyone and helping everyone.

Talking about her family influence, Ornella mentioned that her parents had a difficult time in Germany at first, but they never gave up and started working hard and dedicatedly, which are the same qualities that stunning beauty possesses. She is extremely proud of the way she has been raised and lived her life.

Ornella strongly believes in "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." She explains that true beauty is self-acceptance, perceived flaws and realizing that they are part of what makes you, you. It is the radiance of the soul, having character, kindness to oneself and others, it is strength and self-confidence to know that with or without makeup, the real beauty is you. She is a strong, confident, and determined woman who is going to start preparing for the competition and use the platform to make an impact on society.



The diva mentioned, "To be happy and helpful, confident and not prejudiced. I think it has to do with starting to value yourself just as you would value any other piece of art or nature. " Ornella is grateful for the opportunities and is assured that she will perform her best to make Albania proud.

Except Ornella Karruku being crowned as Miss Earth Albania 2021, Ina Dajci was crowned Miss Universe Albania 2021, Tuti Sejdiu was crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2021, Vonesa Alijaj was crowned Miss Earth Kosovo 2021 and Joanna Kiose was crowned Miss World Albania 2021 at the end of the event finale. Fabjola Elezaj and Sara Domi were adjudged as the first and second runner-up respectively.

Congratulations to the beauties!