Miss Earth Fire 2023 Cora Bliault receives a warm homecoming in Thailand

29 Dec 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Earth Fire 2023 Cora Bliault, after her stellar performance at Miss Earth 2023, has finally returned to her home country as she arrives at Suwanabumin on 28th December 2023. She was welcomed at the airport by her family and fans.

Cora Bliault was crowned Miss Earth Fire 2023 at the finale held on 22nd December 2023 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in Vietnam. At the final Q/A round she was asked, “An official at a recent climate conference was quoted as saying there is no science behind coals for the phaseout of fossil fuels. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?"


Miss Earth Fire 2023 Cora Bliault receives a warm homecoming in Thailand


Her response was, "I believe if the right eyes and ears are on the right thing like green energy and alternative from fossil fuels, I believe we can make a difference in combating the emissions we are giving out to our planet, and helping our planet becoming a better place by investing and educating people about the green alternatives there is."

Along with winning Miss Earth Fire 2023 crown at the coveted Miss Earth 2023 finale, Cora will also advocate for improper disposal of trash and waste that humans excessively generate and how it poses a threat to the environment because they lead to water and air pollution, and climate change.

Cora Bliault is 18 years of age and of Thai-Canadian descent. As she embarks on a yearlong journey of fulfilling her responsibilities being the elemental court of Miss Earth 2023, Cora will also crown her successor at Miss Earth Thailand 2024 which will be held sometime next year.