Top 5 Hot Picks of Miss Earth Guam 2016

05 Mar 2016 | Angelopedia

Hardly two days are left before the enticing finale kick starts in Guam and all the 15 aspirants are set to rock the finale with their extraordinary skills. At the finale, which is slated to be held on 7 March in Guam, these Top 5 favourites have the competence to clinch the coveted crown of Miss Earth Guam 2016…  

Keana Artero -  The first contender on the Top 5 favourites is Keana Artero, who has a vibrant personality, and what we like about her is the fact that she is not much aware how incredibly beautiful she is. We are affirmative that she will be one of the front runners at the pageant. What do you think?


Top 5 Hot Picks of Miss Earth Guam 2016


Valentina Garcia -  Our second favourite is Valentina Garcia, who with her angelic facial features, and explicit has a clear shot at the paegant. Valentina is also humble, very sociable and serene. And it looks like she has higher chances to make it to the crown.

Gloria Cruz Nelson – Our next favourite is Gloria Cruz Nelson, who is also one of the strong delegates this year. Her clear complexion and statuesque figure are her strong points. Gloria is not just a pretty face or a beautiful body, she is more than that. Gloria is smart and relatively good in conversational English.


Top 5 Hot Picks of Miss Earth Guam 2016


Kayla Sasaki – Next in line is Kayla Sasaki, who is a dusky beauty. She is very well-poised, and is always smiling, sending positive vibes to everyone. We think this lady has the utmost chance to take the crown home. What’s your take on this?

Michelle Kremper – Last but of course not the least is Michelle Kremper. Be it her beauty, intelligence, personality and communication, this lady has got everything to make judges awestruck, and that is the reason we are pretty sure that she will create the magic in the finale. What do you think?? Let us know your views.