Miss Earth Guyana 2018 crown revealed

03 Apr 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Earth Guyana 2018 is going to organize its grand finale soon as the preliminary activities are about to set in motion. The winner of the national pageant will represent Guyana at the upcoming Miss Earth 2018.

Just hours ago, Miss Earth Guyana revealed the crown for this year’s winner. The national titleholder will wear the  Miss Earth Guyana 2018 Official Crown, “Set in a structure of the strongest recycled alloys, covered in a layer of pure silver, this beauty is inlaid with over one hundred individual gems, ranging from stately crystals to vibrant greens, all recycled. It is the true embodiment of Miss Earth Guyana and her close tie to nature, just as all Guyanese are. The larger crystals, all green and representative of our vast pristine rainforests that sustains the lives of billions of species and by percentage serves as one of the largest carbon sinks in the world; but take a closer look. There is but one large crystal, light as the air and clear as the many waters that run through our streams, lakes and rivers; a reminder that while we protect our trees and our rainforests, we must also protect and preserve our waters. A crown fitting for a warrior of the Earth!”


Miss Earth Guyana 2018 crown revealed


The organisation also revealed the elemental crowns of Air, Water and Fire. “Representing the elements of Water, Fire and Air these beautiful pieces are made of pure recycled gems of the earth.

WATER: The blue gem stones represent the rich, pure and many waters of Guyana;

FIRE: The red gem stones represent the warmth of the Guyanese tropical environment;

AIR: These clear crystal gems represent the fresh unpolluted air provided to us by the many trees of our lush rain forest.” 


Miss Earth Guyana 2018 crown revealed

(Miss Earth Guyana Facebook Official)

Aren’t the crowns beautiful? Do you have a favourite who you wish to be crowned as the next Guyana Earth beauty? Let us know in the comments section below.