Megha Kaul: Another doctor turned beauty queen in the making?

22 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

When it comes to pageantry, everyone has noticed how doctors have conquered this field as well with their intelligence, empathy and the drive to do something more for the community, apart from the commendable work they do in their profession. From Miss World 2013 Rolene Strauss to Miss England 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee to Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar to name a few, doctors have definitely conquered this feat as well and have gone on to do exemplary work in their careers as well.

Another doctor who has caught everyone’s attention is India’s Megha Kaul who entered pageantry in 2019 where she was crowned Miss India J&K 2019 and represented her state at Miss India 2019. To know more about her journey, we’ll have to start up top from the beginning. Hailing from a small village Hanand, Chowalgam in Kulgam district of South Kashmir and resident of Jammu, Dr Megha Kaul entered the state pageant at the event held in Pune, Maharashtra.



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Deciding to nurture her creative side, Megha began her journey to compete in Miss India 2019 which has the legacy of transforming lives of young talented women who have become icons in glamour and fashion industry. Even though the beauty failed to place in the Top 12, she still won Miss Talented competition, to nobody’s surprise.

Megha completed her MBBS from Government Medical College Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh before she began her journey in Miss India, so she entered as a professional doctor. Besides that, Megha is also an outstanding basketball and kho-kho player, which shows her competitive and athletic side. She is also a stunning dancer and a singer which works for her in the talent competition. The beautiful diva is also an orator to almost perfection which was quite evident in her confident stance at the national contest she participated in last year.



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Having dreamt of serving her nation in some way, Megha decided to pursue medicine to save lives and help people through her profession. Being an extraordinarily zealous and fervent pursuer of her dreams, it is safe to say Megha can be the ideal representative of India at an international platform. We, for sure, think that she could be an ideal contender at Miss World which requires the delegates to not just be beautiful but also an inspiration for people in the world by supporting humanitarian causes all over the world.