Safira Reski Ramadhanti Rumimper appointed Miss Earth Indonesia 2020

15 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

Safira Reski Ramadhanti Rumimper has been appointed as the Miss Earth Indonesia 2020 and will be representing Indonesia at the virtual coronation ceremony of Miss Earth 2020. She succeeds Miss Earth 2019 Cinthia Kusuma Rani for the title and is very excited to represent the home country at the international pageant.

Safira is 22-years-old and stands 170 cm tall and has competed at Miss Earth Indonesia 2019 where she received the Social Media Darling award and won the title Miss Earth Indonesia Eco Lifestyle 2019. She has been and will be using her platform to educate and create awareness about the increase use of plastic and how it harms the environment. She had mentioned that everyone sees the environment and its problem from a different view but the problem still arises and we as a while must work toward making that problem disappear from the environment and make the place a better and a healthy place to live.



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The diva feels that not only she would educate and create awareness about the cleanliness in the society but would also like to act personally and take safety measures and be an example for the youth who are known to be the future generation. She mentioned that we have only two choices, either do nothing or do something and she is choosing to do something. She has been a part of Plastic Movement since 2018 and urges everyone to take the environmental problems seriously and act upon it.

Safira is a hardworking, determined, and focused human who has always aspired to do the better for the environment and represent Indonesia at international stage. She had mentioned in one of her posts, “I will dedicate myself to Mother Earth” which clearly showcases how focused the diva is about her goal.  The diva has stated, “What we need is awareness, education, and action. Don't wait for someone to do it while you just sit and watch. Start from small things by changing habits, giving good examples for others.”



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Safira will be representing Indonesia at the virtual coronation ceremony of Miss Earth 2020 which is going to start from September and the grand finale will take place on 29th November 2020. The finalists of Miss Earth Indonesia 2020 will represent Indonesia in Miss Earth 2021.