Miss Earth Indonesia 2020 Wishlist: Astrid Nicolien

28 Aug 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Earth Indonesia will be hosting the grand finale night for Miss Earth Indonesia 2020 soon where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title and an opportunity to represent Indonesia at the virtual Miss Earth 2020 stage. The winner will succeed Miss Earth 2019 Cinthia Kusuma Rani for the title.

With a list of potential candidates being prepared and conducting virtual auditions for the candidates, Astrid Nicolien Poluan has caught our attention as she seems like a potential candidate who can represent Indonesia at Miss Earth 2020 stage. Astrid is 25-years-old and works as a flight attendant who is also an ambassador for the stop using plastic movement in her city.



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The diva uploaded her introduction video on her social media account in which she walked very confidently and stated that with her introduction video she wants to tell the people that as a whole and taking few steps towards changes can help in healing of the environment. She also mentioned that one must start complimenting each other and with the little acts of humanity individuals can work towards making a better environment.

Astrid is very keen towards working for the environment and through her campaign Plastic Movement that aims to raise awareness as well as work towards helping youth of the country to run campaigns against single use plastic. She believes that if people would start focusing on four r’s; reuse, recycle, reduce, and repair would help in making the environment healthy and a better place to live. The diva strongly feels that with the platform given by beauty pageant she can use to make a positive impact in the society and advocate about her personal advocacy.



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The diva has started to prepare herself for the finale event and hopes to get selected by the organization. She is focusing on learning about the current affairs in the world for the communication and interview round at the competition which she believes is one of the essential rounds at the competition. She is also training for her walk-on stage, posing on stage, body angles, body postures, and maintaining her mental space and confidence on-stage. The diva is also giving her health utmost attention and working out every day to maintain healthy and fit body.