Katherine Espin and Angelia Ong to travel to Angola

24 Mar 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin is probably the busiest queen of 2016. From travelling places to photoshoots to attending events to working for a cause to etc etc, Katherine has always kept herself busy throughout her reign. The dedication with which this Ecuadorian beauty is fulfilling her duties in commendable and we cannot get over with her commitment to her work. You will be shocked to know that this beauty who has the powerful aura of owning the crown that she has won, once gave up on her dream of becoming a beauty queen.

Katherine is now all set to embark upon her new journey with Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong. The two beauties will be travelling to Angola for their duties as the Earth Warriors. The scheduled stay in Angola for the two is between April 20th to 24th. Katherine has always talked about working towards creating awareness on Climate Change. According to Katherine, people’s interest plays an important role in this problem. In addition to raising awareness about climatic change, the beauty queen said she would also promote eco-tourism among big companies, and bring in to practice the five environmental Rs - reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink and respect.

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Previously, Katherine Espin and Angelia Ong had a visit to the Senate of the Philippines, and had a conversation with the Management students from Columbia University. It was an initiative from the Earth warriors to teach the effects of Climate change to the students and inspire them to work their bit towards curbing it. The two recently travelled to Hong Kong for a trip.


Katherine Espin and Angelia Ong to travel to Angola


Katherine Espin’s victory has proven to be positive for the pageant. has been appointed as the ambassador of the Philippines Department of Tourism by the Honorable Secretary of Tourism Ms. Tulfo Heart Wanda Teo. Katherine will now be responsible in promoting Eco Tourism around the country. This is the first time that the Miss Earth Organisation has appointed its queen as the Ambassador for Eco Tourism. Katherine is undoubtedly an amazing choice for the title.

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