Former Miss Earth Serbia Dijana Milojkovic loses her battle to womb cancer

25 Jul 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

Dijana Milojkovic Miss Earth Serbia 2009 made the entire country proud as she represented the nation at Miss Earth 2009 where she performed outstandingly. Just like she made everyone feel proud over her achievement, she left everyone heavy-hearted as she passed away on 22nd July 2019.

Dijana who was diagnosed with womb cancer spent nearly six years battling cancer after she was diagnosed at just 27-years-old. Following her diagnosis, she initiated blogging about her journey and rapidly gained thousands of loyal supporters inspired by her positivity and perseverance.

Last month, an urgent appeal was made for a blood donor as her health began to collapse. Despite managing to recoup the blood, doctors were unable to save her.


Former Miss Earth Serbia Dijana Milojkovic loses her battle to womb cancer


The former beauty queen posted a blog about her battle with cancer in which she wrote: "I am Dijana. Last year I was diagnosed with invasive womb cancer, and only a few months after that metastasis in lymph nodes - in abdomen and neck. Even though the prognosis was terrifying, I did not pity myself at any moment neither suffered over my destiny!"

She also wrote: "I don't give up because the cure is everywhere around us, it only needs to be found. I only want to be healthy, that is my biggest wish. I don't have other, because now I know that my health is in the first place and the biggest treasure."

We pay our condolences to this beauty and wish that her soul may rest in peace. She will always be remembered and will stay in our hearts forever!