Get acquainted with Miss Earth USA 2018 contestants (Batch 1)

07 Feb 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth United States Organization has begun to select their contestants who are going to fight for the coveted title of Miss Earth United States 2018. The winner of the national pageant will represent her country at Miss Earth 2018.

12 contestants have already been unveiled for the national pageant. Let us take a look at the first batch of delegates who will fight for the title on 14th July 2018 in Washington D.C.

1.  Miss Colorado Earth United States 2018  - Bre L'Estrange

Bre L’Estrsnge from Glenwood Springs is a mass communication student at Grand Canyon University. She also runs a blog called Living Beautifully Balanced where she talks about everything including pageantry, travelling, food and lifestyle.

She also featured in a magazine last month for the first time ever which was a huge accomplishment for the beauty queen. From a small town, Bre believes that her small town lineage makes her appreciate everything that she has achieved all the more.

Bre also regularly works for various social causes; she donated beanies to a children's hospital in Tuscan and got over 200 people to register to be matched bone marrow donors. There is no doubt that Bre is going to do wonders in her life as well as the upcoming finals in July.


Get acquainted with Miss Earth USA 2018 contestants (Batch 1)


2. Miss Georgia Earth United States 2018 - Ariana Blaize

Ariana Blaize from Brooklyn is the official representative of Georgia at the upcoming Miss Earth United States 2018.

Ariana is not new to the world of pageantry as she was also the Miss Teen Georgia International 2017. She advocated for teens ageing out of foster care, showing the direct linkage between teens that age out and teens that fall victim to homelessness, human trafficking, and the danger it imposes on our environment.

Ariana has always been a fighter. As she mentioned on her official Facebook account in a post, “As I reflect on 2017 I want to thank God for allowing me to make it another year. This was by far the worst yet best year for me. From being on 14 different medications to now getting an IV infusion every 8 weeks..from being 92lbs to now 121...From being at a standstill to now creating and executing my goals.”


Get acquainted with Miss Earth USA 2018 contestants (Batch 1)


3. Miss Kansas Earth United States 2018 - McKenzie Hersh

McKenzie Hersh from the city of Lansing is the official candidate of Kansas at the upcoming Miss Earth United States 2018. McKenzie won the title of Miss Lansing 2018 and went on to represent her city at the regional pageant of Miss Kansas USA.

McKenzie works at the University of Kansas Health System, one of the leading hospitals in the state. With her irresistible charm and her line of work towards helping people in need, she sure is one of the strongest competitors this year.


Get acquainted with Miss Earth USA 2018 contestants (Batch 1)


4. Miss Michigan Earth United States 2018 - Jasmina Cunmulaj

Jasmina Cunmulaj, originally from Albania, is the official representative from Michigan for the upcoming Miss Earth United States 2018.

Jasmina has been visiting various events and shows as a part of her reign since her crowning. Just like her name, Jasmina has a unique personality which can definitely work in her favour at the nationals in July.

Jasmina also regularly works for social causes that need our immediate attention. Recently she also helped to raise money for children and families who live in poverty through the House of Human Rights. With her beautiful features and a dazzling personality, Jasmina sure has her chances of winning the coveted title and represent her country at Miss Earth 2018. 


Get acquainted with Miss Earth USA 2018 contestants (Batch 1)

(Photo Credit - Contestants Facebook/Instagram Official)