Miss Eco International 2021 finale details announced

24 Feb 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Eco International has announced the finale details for Miss Eco International 2021. The finale will be hosted at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt from 18th March 2021 to 6th April 2021 with all the preventive measures and precautions. The winner will succeed Miss Eco International 2019 Amy Nurtinie of Malaysia for the title.

Representatives from more than 60 countries around the world will participate at the competition as part of efforts to encourage tourism. The President of the competition Amal Rizk said that she had faced many difficulties to bring all these countries together under COVID-19 as the organization postponed the 2020 edition of the beauty pageant twice as they hoped for the situation to get better but finally decided to host the pageant in 2021.



The details of Miss Eco International 2021 are:

18th – 19th March 2021:  Arrival of the delegates/ Check -in official shoot G1

20th March 2021: First press meeting

21st March 2021: Rehearsal- Video Shooting 1

22nd March 2021: Opening National Costume- Official Shoot G2

23rd March 2021: Shooting- Resort wear, Rehearsal- Final Night, Interview G1

24th March 2021: Environmental Activity rehearsal

26th March 2021: Resort wear prime video shooting, Final night rehearsal, Interview G2

27th March 2021: Culture activity video shoot, Talent shows rehearsal and shoot

28th March 2021: Final night rehearsal, Interview G4, Video shoot aqua park

29th March 2021: Talent show shoot, Interview G3

30th March 2021: Miss Fitness rehearsals, Preliminary activities rehearsals

31st March 2021: Spa Day, Interview G5

1st April 2021: Sponsors visit and shoot

2nd April 2021: Rehearsals shoot

3rd April 2021: Preliminary

4th April 2021: Eco activities, Rehearsals Interview G6, Firewall Party

5th April 2021: Mega rehearsal

6th April 2021: Final Night

7th April 2021: Rehearsals at capital

8th April 2021: Departure

The objective of Miss Eco International is to choose a representative who takes the values of Miss Eco International and promote the principle of agreement to save the planet, not only for the environment but also culturally through the exchange of cultures between the candidates through the contest. The representative is chosen who can be the face of tourism marketing campaigns, environmental special tourism at an international level and presented to the public how to use environmental resources safely.