Federica Rizza to represent Italy at Miss Eco International 2022

17 Dec 2021 | Camilla Suarez

In an official statement released by Miss Eco International organization, it has been revealed that Federica Rizza will be representing Italy at the 7th edition of the pageant. This is the first time that Italy is participating in the competition.

Federica Rizza is a professional model who represented Italy at the 21st edition of the Miss Earth pageant which was held on 21st November 2021 virtually. Although the fashion model failed to place at the event, she gave a wonderful performance and was grateful to have represented her country at one of the big four pageants of the world. She is now all set to mark Italy’s debut and use her experience to put forth a strong performance at Miss Eco International 2022.



The 22-year-old hails from Formia, a fascinating city located on the coast of South Lazio, Italy. Talking about what she loves about her country, the queen says,” There are many situations starting from history that make me proud to be Italian, but I think this year it is important to speak on a sporting level. The extraordinary results of Italian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics have had a merit that goes beyond sporting successes. Successes, moreover, rightly underlined and celebrated by the media as well as by the institutions and by all the citizens of the country. Those medals had the positive effect of uniting Italy and, in this complex, painful and still difficult phase, both economically and as regards social aspects, the need for stimuli and symbols was enormously perceived in relation to the pandemic”

"I would like to let people know that I am a cheerful person, I always like to take life with a smile and always draw the positive side of every situation. I must always be able to face every obstacle without going around it and I believe that you must always learn from every event, which is why I tend to try my hand at every adventure," the diva shares about her personality.

Next year’s edition of Miss Eco International will take place on 14th March, 2022 in Cairo, Egypt, where candidates from more than 30 countries and autonomous territories will compete for the international title and crown for 2 weeks. At the end of the event, Miss Eco International 2021 Gizzelle Uys from South Africa will crown her successor as Miss Eco International 2022.