Alexie Caimoso Brooks Wins Coveted Title of Miss Eco International Philippines 2025

10 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

In a stunning display of grace and charisma, Alexie Caimoso Brooks has captured the spotlight as she clinched the prestigious title of Miss Eco International Philippines 2025. The coronation ceremony, held amidst a backdrop of glamour and anticipation, saw Alexie emerge victorious, earning her the honor of representing her country on the global stage.

Alexie Caimoso Brooks, hailed for her striking beauty and poise, dazzled the judges and audience alike with her heartfelt advocacy for environmental conservation and sustainable living. Her journey to the crown was marked by determination and dedication, embodying the essence of beauty with a purpose.



With her radiant smile and confident demeanor, Alexie expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to promote eco-friendly initiatives and raise awareness on pressing environmental issues. Her vision extends beyond the runway, aiming to inspire positive change and encourage communities to embrace sustainable practices.

The road to Miss Eco International Philippines 2025 was paved with fierce competition, yet Alexie's passion and commitment set her apart, earning admiration and applause from supporters nationwide. As she prepares to embark on her international journey, Alexie Caimoso Brooks stands poised to make a significant impact, carrying the hopes and dreams of a nation.



With her coronation, Alexie not only secures a place in beauty pageant history but also reaffirms her role as an ambassador for environmental stewardship and global harmony. All eyes are now on Alexie as she prepares to represent the Philippines with grace, elegance, and a profound commitment to the planet.