Charlotte Sophie Brooke to represent the United Kingdom at Miss Eco International 2020

21 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Eco United Kingdom announced Charlotte Sophie Brooke as the new representative of the United Kingdom for Miss Eco International 2020 stage on 1st October 2020. She is going to represent the United Kingdom at Miss Eco International stage for the first time and she couldn’t be happier to do so under Miss Eco United Kingdom National Director is Molly-Marie Buckley. Charlotte was chosen as Miss Eco United Kingdom 2020 by the international organisation via application in January of this year.

Born in Reading, Charlotte is 28-years-old and stands 183 cm tall. She is an international fashion model who started modelling at the age of 14 and has never looked back ever since. She completed her A-levels but was put off further education by sky rocketing university fees.  She has walked London fashion week, graced bridal and beauty magazines, been published on vogue Italia, and shot billboards in LA.



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She says, “You have to work hard and really put the time in to make it work. I moved to London at 19 and modelled alongside my day job, but 3 years later the business I was working for went bust. I took that as a sign to just go for it. You must be strong enough to cope with the uncertainty of whether you’ll work that day or week. That said, I’d be bored with a 9-5, and I really enjoy modelling. I get to travel, which is another bonus. I’ve been away 6 times this year already.”

She is no stranger to the pageant world as well as she was Miss Earth England 2017 and was high appreciated for her performance throughout the competition even though she was not placed at the end of event finale. But with Miss Eco United Kingdom 2020 platform, she has a chance to represent the country at international stage again.



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Charlotte runs a small sustainable fashion business; her message is simple: fashion doesn’t have to cost the planet. She lives and breathes sustainability, always looking for new ways to live an eco-friendlier life. Therefore, the organization believed that Charlotte is the perfect representative of the United Kingdom and the entire team and organization is excited to work together to influence a more sustainable way of living.

The diva explained, “I really do care about the planet, I have a message to spread and I see winning as a great opportunity. I’m going to make really good use of the platform to raise awareness of the issues that matter most.” Along with doing something good for the planet, she also wants to do something for the women who are dealing with abuse in their respective relationships. “A quarter of women are abused at some point and I suspect the figures around men don’t tell half the story because they find it even harder to talk about it. I want to change that. People open to me about their own experiences because they know I get it. That’s good. I want to make it ok to talk about it. Sometimes people blame the victim for not escaping the situation. Everyone who’s not been on that journey needs to understand what it’s like. That’s another thing I hope this book helps to do.”

Charlotte is beautiful, strong, experienced, and determined to use the platform for making a positive change in the world and win the title for the United Kingdom. She has started to prepare for the competition and with her stunning and radiant personality, she could be one of the strongest contenders for the title.