Maxine Van Belleghem Crowned Miss Exclusive 2024

16 Jun 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

In a dazzling ceremony filled with glitz, glamour, and unforgettable moments, Maxine Van Belleghem has been crowned Miss Exclusive 2024. The stunning event took place at the iconic Antwerp Expo, where spectators and judges alike were captivated by her beauty, charisma, and undeniable presence.

The prestigious Miss Exclusive pageant, renowned for its celebration of beauty, talent, and intelligence, saw fierce competition this year. Yet, it was Van Belleghem who stood out among the extraordinary contenders, capturing the hearts of the audience and impressing the panel of esteemed judges with her poise and grace.



Throughout the evening, Van Belleghem showcased her remarkable talents and eloquence, from a mesmerizing evening gown segment to a heartfelt response during the Q&A portion. Her unwavering confidence and genuine personality shone through, reflecting her dedication and hard work leading up to the event.

"Winning Miss Exclusive 2024 is a dream come true," said an elated Van Belleghem during her acceptance speech. "I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited to use this platform to advocate for causes close to my heart."

The new Miss Exclusive plans to focus her reign on promoting environmental sustainability and mental health awareness, aiming to make a significant impact through various initiatives and collaborations.



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As the night concluded with Van Belleghem's crowning moment, the audience erupted in applause, celebrating the beginning of a promising journey for the newly crowned queen. Her victory not only highlights her individual achievements but also sets a new standard of excellence for future contestants.

Maxine Van Belleghem’s win marks a memorable chapter in the history of Miss Exclusive, heralding a year of positive change and inspiring leadership.