All about Miss Filipina International Tourism 2021 Adilene Klink

06 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Filipina International organization hosted the grand coronation night for 2021 edition on 31st July 2021 at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Redondo Beach, California, where Adilene Marie Klink was crowned as Miss Filipina International Tourism 2021, as she competed against Filipinas from all around the world, including France, Spain, Japan, Zambia, Germany, Canada and all over the USA, for the title.

Hailing from San Francisco, California, this future physician aspires to be an advocate for women’s health, having studied and promoted better medical and social outcomes for women of various cultures. She has achieved everything she has put her mind to, through diligence, passion and care.



After her crowning the diva took to her social media to express her gratitude, “I am so incredibly grateful to officially announce my reign as Miss Filipina International Tourism. It seems like just yesterday I found out I was a candidate for this pageant, and today I am beyond ecstatic to serve as the official goodwill ambassador for Philippine tourism.”

The diva also expressed her acknowledgements to her mentor, Dania Denise, as she wrote, “To my mentor, I cannot thank you enough for seeing my character and always reinforcing my confidence. You have been a backbone of mine and one of the most genuine people I have ever met.”

She also thanked for all the support she received from family, friends and her followers. “To my sponsors and mom, thank you for always believing in me and supporting me throughout my journey. To my support system, thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made. Your care and compassion will shine through me throughout my reign. The circle of individuals one associates with equate to the overall character of that person, and I am so proud to call you all part of my circle.” she said.



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Talking about her journey she mentioned, “I was able to make myself the best person I could possibly be. This pageant pushed me to strive towards being my healthiest- mentally and physically, from 3 hour leg days to 3AM sessions reading or watching Ted Talks on self-growth. This past year has been the biggest emotional roller coaster and I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received.”

She is currently continuing her education with a full ride to the University of Southern California (USC) as a trustee scholar. Grateful for every resource and opportunity she has had throughout her journey, she said, “I am extremely grateful for my faith that gave me the strength and courage to achieve what I never believed I could.”

Adilene is extremely passionate about women’s health and empowerment. Growing up with a single mother and a family filled with girls, she found a deep rooted appreciation for how much power women possess. Being inspired by her mother who immigrated, with two children, to the United States with absolutely nothing, she takes advantage of every opportunity given, knowing that she is blessed beyond belief. She says, “In the next ten years, I see myself as a resident in training to become a certified physician and gynecologist. I believe I make a good role model because I know how to take misfortunes and transform them into blessings.”