All about Miss Germany 2023 Kira Geiss

10 Mar 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The finale of Miss Germany 2023 was held at the Europa-Park Arena in Rust, Germany on Saturday, 4th March 2023 where Kira Geiss was crowned the new winner. Kira Geiss is 20 years of age and works as a visual merchandiser.

Kira Geiss won the crown for her commitment to youth work. “Democracy should aim to support young people. It’s not about ready-made concepts, but about shaping the future with young people. They should be given responsibility”, Geiss quoted.

At the finale, Kira described how, as a teenager, she fell into a circle of friends who would do substance abuse. At that time, a youth group helped her out and she found a mentor. With her efforts, she wants to set up a Germany-wide youth platform who is also active in the church. In Magdeburg, she founded a youth church. She also goes to companies to report on what the today’s youth needs.


All about Miss Germany 2023 Kira Geiss


Kira’s goal is to work to ensure that everyone invests in young people together as a society in the future because she believes that a healthy and sustainable world can only exist if we take care of people's mental health and start supporting each other. It is best to lay this foundation with and in young people.

Through her efforts, she would like to be able to be a bridge between the generations and close the sometimes-visible gap between older and younger people. The older generation can make use of the vitality, digital know-how and inventiveness of the younger generation.

It is important to respect their voices and integrate them into decision-making processes. At the same time, young people can accept the wealth of life experience and the resulting opinions of the older generation and integrate them into their mindset to achieve a sustainable society.


Kira Geiss


Kira also works for women’s rights and equality in the modern society. “Today women still earn 18% less than men on average, are more often affected by poverty in old age and outdated role models such as ‘the woman has to take care of the household’ are still polarizing. These are just a few examples that show that we have to fight even more for women's rights! Women's rights are human rights and we need this equality”, she said. Kira is, indeed, a true beauty queen.