Miss Gibraltar 2017 - Events and Activities

02 Jun 2017 | Angelopedia

The most-talked about event of Miss Gibraltar 2017 is on its road to finale and all the contestants are making their best of efforts to be at the top. The finalists are not leaving any stone unturned to win the coveted title. The more they practice and indulge themselves in the productive activities, the more they will overcome the odds in the challenge further. Being a beauty queen does not mean to be all dolled up all the time but to understand the importance of the well-being of people and to make the world a better place to live.

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Miss Gibraltar 2017 - Events and Activities


The contestants have been busy in various sessions and activities to get refreshed and be prepared for the upcoming challenges on the forefront. The events are lined up for the contestants to make sure they get ready for the pageant. Recently, they visited local Cancer Relief in a Med Steps Challenge. It was great to see the contestants supporting such a Nobel cause.

With that, the lovelies went to enjoy a night out at the theatre to watch Urban Dance’s “I <3 Dance” at the John Mackintosh Hall to get freshen up after the hectic schedule of their trainings and sessions. With this, various make up, hair styling, workout and catwalk sessions are being offered to the ladies to get the best start to their journey to the finale. With thatlka day with the cast of “A Little Mermaid's Tale” made an impact as well.

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So it will be a time full of activities to make the finalists ready to be the part of the most-awaited event and be the leading lady of Miss Gibraltar 2017 finale. Till then, we just have to wait for the event to happen and to see the gorgeous ladies to step up on the stage with uber-elegance and poise to die for.