Miss Global 2019 Evening Gown Competition Winners

17 Jan 2020 | Abigail Henry

Miss Global 2019, the 8th edition of Miss Global, will host its coronation night on 18th January 2020 in Oaxaca, Mexico where sixty stunning beauties will compete for the coveted crown and at the end of the event finale, Miss Global 2018 Sophia Ng of Hong Kong will crown her successor.

As the finale is just around the corner, the organization recently hosted its evening gown competition where, the amazing beauties from all over the world, walked effortlessly with grace and elegance at the stage. As they walked through, their dazzling gowns looked magnificent.


Miss Global 2019 Evening Gown Competition Winners


The divas who have won the evening gown competition are Tania Aaron Miss Global Zimbabwe 2019, Hany Portocarrero Miss Global Peru 2019, and Kristin Chucci Miss Northern Mariana Islands 2019.

Tania is 25 years of age and is a Zimbabwean beauty who is a model there. The beauty dazzled at the evening gown competition while she walked amazingly in the gown and her hair which is the jewel of her whole outlook, made her look magnificent, throwing out royalty wherever she goes. The diva is also not new to pageantry world as she was the reigning Miss Zimbabwe International in year 2018 and she also was a representative at Miss Tourism Zimbabwe. The beauty is a strong contender and we believe that she will definitely leave a noteworthy mark in the competition.


Miss Global 2019 Evening Gown Competition Winners


For now, Peru’s Hany Portocarrero is already emerging as a favorite in this contest. The beauty won the award for best evening dress from Mexican designer Néstor Olivares. Her National costume was inspired by the bird of the Peruvian Amazon of designer Beto Pinedo, which managed to impact everyone, including the jury. She definitely is a frontrunner in the competition and we believe that she can win the competition. Also, it is the first time that a Peruvian beauty is participating in this contest. And for Hanny Portocarrero it is an honor to wear the sash of her country.

Kristin Chucci Miss Northern Mariana Islands 2019 looked absolutely stunning as she wore a golden glistening gown, which emerged to be as the best evening gown at the finale night of the evening gown competition. The diva tied her hair in a bun which looked elegant and graceful with the dress as she walked elegantly and marvelously while showing her sparkling dress. The diva dazzled throughout the competition and her win at the evening gown competition also reveals that the diva also can further be a great competition while performing great.

Congratulations to the divas!