Shane Quintana Tormes appointed Miss Global Philippines 2021

09 Nov 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Global Philippines organization has officially appointed Shane Quintana Tormes as Miss Global Philippines 2021 recently. The announcement was made through a statement by its national director Pauline Laping as she said, “A talented and smart pageant veteran with numerous accolades to her name, she is one of the more popular names in the pageant industry in recent years. She is Shane Quintana Tormes, and she is our new Miss Global Philippines.”

Pauline also added, “Her beauty captivated the hearts not only of her wide and loyal fanbase in our country but also abroad. She is fearless that even if her personal life is faced with a serious challenge after her mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Parotid Cancer, it motivated her more to make her mother and all of us proud in her upcoming competition. True to our organization's tagline, ‘Empowering Women, Embracing Cultures, Embodying the Beauty Within’, she is unapologetic of her roots, personifies inner beauty at its finest and continues to empower women, and men, with her amazing life story.”



After her announcement, Shane took to her social media to express her gratitude as she wrote, “For you, Philippines, special thanks to Miss Pauline Laping, I really appreciate this amazing opportunity.” Not new to pageantry, Tormes last competed in the Miss Philippines Earth 2020 pageant where she finished as a runner-up. She also joined Binibining Pilipinas in 2018, where she was named Binibining Friendship and Talent.

29 years-old Tormes stands 167 cm tall and works as an events’ host and singer. She is very passionate about beauty pageants and feels like she is ready to showcase her skills and abilities to everyone. Through pageantry she aims at inspiring people and help them to work towards a better life.

Shane was raised by her grandparents who instilled the values that have been her anchor to this day. She remembers her grandma, who was a teacher, tagging her along in different outreach activities that opened her eyes to life's difficult reality. And with this, she felt that blessings are meant to be shared to inspire people and better their lives. After her grandma's death, Shane committed herself to following the footsteps and continue the vision of her beloved grandmother.



Shane will now represent Philippines at the Miss Global 2021 pageant, which is set to take place in Bali, Indonesia. She is prepping herself for the competition by working on her walk, body angles, body postures, confidence, and communication.

Congratulations queen!