Rosevellaryn Odile Everleilani crowned Miss Global Samoa 2024

04 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

In a glittering ceremony held at the iconic Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Rosevellaryn Odile Everleilani was crowned Miss Global Samoa 2024. The event, which celebrated beauty, culture, and intelligence, saw contestants from across the nation vying for the prestigious title.

Rosevellaryn, a 23-year-old university graduate from Apia, captivated the judges and audience with her poise, elegance, and eloquent responses during the Q&A segment. Her passion for environmental conservation and community service shone through, making her a standout choice for the crown.



“I am honored and thrilled to represent Samoa on the global stage. This title is not just about beauty but also about being a role model and advocate for important causes,” Rosevellaryn said in her acceptance speech, her eyes glistening with tears of joy.

The newly crowned Miss Global Samoa will go on to compete in the international Miss Global competition later this year. Rosevellaryn aims to use her platform to raise awareness about climate change and promote sustainable practices within Samoa.



The event was a vibrant display of Samoan culture, with traditional dances and songs adding to the festive atmosphere. The night concluded with a celebratory dance, marking the beginning of Rosevellaryn’s journey as an ambassador of Samoan grace and resilience.