Miss Grand Cambodia 2019 Meet the Delegates

13 Sep 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

Miss Grand Cambodia 2019 coronation is going to be held on 19th September 2019 at 7 PM, where various delegates from all around the country will vie for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Cambodia at Miss Grand International 2019 pageant. Miss Grand Cambodia 2018 Dy Lika will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale. The winner will also take over the responsibilities associated with her title.

Since the finale of the pageant is approaching nearby, the organization has revealed all the contestants who will prove their worth in the competition by vying for one of the most looked forward national crown. These are the divas –


Miss Grand Cambodia 2019 Meet the Delegates


Chhorn Sokunthea

Sam Makara

Sear Socheata

Doeun Panhavuttey

Brak Sophanmai

Sok Khim

Pun Povkropompor

Hor Chhngbgheam

Vay Dany

Vanna Nisa

Sann Kesey

Phally Phangarey

Thou Youeang

Siek Chievmey

Mok Vannas


Miss Grand Cambodia 2019 Meet the Delegates

(Photo Credits: Miss Grand Cambodia Facebook Official)

Chong Limeng

Seb Sithyka

Touch Mengleang

Moeun Sokunthea

Nop Pov

Leng Chantha


Det Sreyneat

San Siveling

Phang Dalin

Kheang Maryneth

Try Sreyleng

Ny Sreypich

Kim Leakna

Last year, Dy Lika represented the country in Miss Grand International 2018 but failed to win any of the positions in the finale. Therefore, the country is yet to pioneer its win in Miss Grand International beauty pageant.