Sharlynn Acha Nzogoa Crowned Miss Grand Cameroon 2024

08 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

In a dazzling display of grace, beauty, and cultural pride, Sharlynn Acha Nzogoa has been crowned Miss Grand Cameroon 2024. The glittering coronation ceremony took place on June 6th in Yaoundé, marking a significant milestone in the Cameroonian pageantry scene.

Sharlynn, a 23-year-old native of Douala, captivated the judges and audience with her poise, intelligence, and heartfelt responses. Her journey to the crown was a testament to her dedication and passion for advocating for peace and women's empowerment. Her eloquent advocacy for these causes resonated deeply, aligning perfectly with the mission of the Miss Grand International organization.



Dressed in a stunning gown that highlighted her elegance, Sharlynn's final walk as a contestant was met with thunderous applause. As she accepted the crown, she expressed her gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to represent Cameroon on the global stage.

"I am deeply honored and humbled to be crowned Miss Grand Cameroon 2024. This platform allows me to further my commitment to peace and empowerment, and I am eager to showcase the beauty and culture of our beloved nation to the world," Sharlynn stated, her eyes gleaming with determination.



Sharlynn will now prepare to compete in the Miss Grand International pageant, where she aims to bring home the coveted international title. Her win not only celebrates her personal achievements but also highlights the growing prominence of Cameroon in the global beauty pageant arena.

As the nation rejoices in her victory, Sharlynn Acha Nzogoa stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, ready to make her mark on the world stage.