Priscilla Londoño crowned Miss Grand Colombia 2022

30 Jun 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Priscilla Londoño was crowned Miss Grand Colombia 2022 at the grand finale of the national pageant held on 24th June 2022 in Bogota. Priscilla succeeds and was crowned by Mariana Jaramillo and will represent her country at Miss Grand International 2022.



Priscilla is 28 years of age with a Associates in Communications and Public Relations. Standing 176 cm tall, Priscilla is passionate about helping the youth. She is directing the project ‘Armed conflict in Colombia and process of Peace’. Her purpose in life is to impact the women in the world by inspiring them to go after their dreams.

The newly crowned Miss Grand Colombia 2022 Priscilla Londoño’s court included –

1st Runner-up – Antonia Ruiz

2nd Runner-up – Luisa Gonzalez



The contestants who competed for Miss Grand Colombia 2022 were Brenda Giraldo, Patricia Diaz Escalante, Evelin Lopez, Priscilla London, Luisa Acevedo Agudelo, Laura Morales, Valentina Gomez, Luisa Gonzalez, Alejandra Angarita, Valentina Vega, Jenny Lopez, Matilde Lina Lopez, Carolina Osorno, Valeria Castillo, Antonia Ruiz, Yaved Henao Acosta, Vanessa Ortiz, Manuela Loaiza Guzman, Lizeth Montanez, Valentina Pedreros, Loren Moreno.

Miss Grand Colombia 2021 Mariana Jaramillo represented the country at Miss Grand International 2021 and finished among the Top 20 finalists. Colombia is yet to pioneer its win at Miss Grand International.