Meet the Contestants of Miss Grand India 2024

07 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

In a dazzling display of elegance and charisma, the top 25 contestants of Miss Grand India 2024 have been unveiled, promising an exhilarating journey towards the coveted crown. These exceptional women, hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions, embody the spirit of beauty, grace, and intelligence that the competition champions

The finalists were selected after a rigorous screening process, showcasing their poise, talent, and commitment to social causes. Among the contenders are engineers, doctors, artists, and entrepreneurs, each bringing a unique story and perspective to the stage. This year’s competition is not just about physical beauty but also about inner strength, resilience, and a dedication to making a difference in society.

As the competition heats up, the contestants will engage in a series of challenges and activities designed to test their skills, creativity, and public speaking abilities. From glamorous photoshoots to thought-provoking interviews, every moment is an opportunity for these women to shine and inspire.

Here are Top 25 Contestants of Miss Grand India 2024:

Palak Kohli

Rachel Gupta

Riene Dkhar

Shraddha Singh Chouhan



Rajashree Dowarah

Swati Shubham

Raisin Saini

Tanvi Raksam Marak

Aditi Bhatnagar

Kopal Mondloi

Shreya Bediya

Neiketuno Sechii



Barbi Mirsra

Nehha Mahesh Shinde

Guneetinder Kaur Saini

Shivangi Desai

Rashmi Shinde



Sandra Francis

Shruti Raul

Spoorthi Sethey

Anju Pandey

Bhavana Bhanu

Shreya S Raj

Anwesha Pati

Mamta Chaudhary

The grand finale, set to be a spectacular event, will crown the new Miss Grand India 2024, who will go on to represent the nation on the international stage. Stay tuned as we follow these remarkable women on their journey to greatness, celebrating their achievements and the values they stand for.