Miss Grand International 2020 queens join ‘WhatsHappeningInThailand’ movement

19 Aug 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The social media has been flooded with the recent campaign #WhatsHappeningInThailand and bringing forth the situation of the youth-led movement in Thailand. What started as 10.000 people taking part in marches, activities across Thailand, especially the Thai youth, holding peaceful protests since the start of the year, has been joined none other than the beauty queens of Miss Grand International 2020, one of the major beauty pageants in the world.

Recently, Miss Grand International 2020 Abena Appiah of USA, first runner-up Samantha Bernardo of Philippines, second runner-up Ivana Batchelor of Guatemala, third runner-up Aurra Kharishma of Indonesia, Scotland’s Helen Maher and Myanmar’s Han Lay  have joined the campaign calling out for the democracy for Thai people. These beauty queens wrote to UN Human Rights, informing them of the current actions that the government.



Beyond the three-fingered salute, the protesters have three demands. While the protests operate without a single leader or structure, those who’ve initially taken to Thailand’s streets generally agree on three core demands; dissolving the parliament and holding fresh elections, reforming the monarchy and revising the military-drafted constitution and ending the intimidation and harassment of peaceful government critics.



Ivana Batchelor took to her social media to share her letter and wrote, “The violence must end. Guatemala stands with you! Stay strong my friends don’t lose hope.” Ivana’s letter to the UN said, “As a peace advocate, I feel I must speak in the favour of the Thai people, in protection of their human rights… We grow concerned over the violent acts taken by the Thai government, s the peaceful protests are being dealt with using violence… This must be addressed immediately. I petition to you on behalf of the Thai people to ensure their human rights.”

Similarly, shared her views in a post, "Let us all live peacefully, where LOVE is our language, HUMANITY is our race and PEACE is our lasting legacy to the world." Her letter to the UN also mentioned her concern and support for the Thai people as she wrote, “I personally request for urgency and action immediately in behalf of my friends. I petition you good office to help Thai people to ensure their human rights is still exercised.”



The reigning queen, Abena Appiah shared, “My heart goes out to humanity, it hurts my heart to see all the pain and suffering we are forced to endure. It’s time to break the silence and become the change we want to see, by simply working together. We all agree that by working together we can create a peaceful humanity for you, me and future generations.”

“Thailand became my home away from home. It saddens my heart to see how dangerous it has become just in these few months. The violence against peaceful protesters has increased drastically. As a person who tries to use my platform as a voice for the voiceless, I ask you organization to step in and help the country restore peace,” she added in her letter to the UN.



Apart from the reigning court, Indonesia’s Aurra Kharishma, Scotland’s Helen Maher and Myanmar’s Han Lay have also shared their views as well as stood up for the Thai people as they joined in support of the movement with the three-fingered salute symbol.

Miss Grand Thailand 2020 Nam Patcharaporn Chantarapadit has also been posting and sharing her views on the situation for over a month, seeking help from the world and acknowledging the support on the behalf of her country, which is in desperate need of help. She has been sharing digital evidences of the actions taken by the government and the police officials towards the protesters as they fight for democracy.