Miss Grand Paraguay 2018 Meet the Contestants

31 May 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Grand Paraguay 2018 is all set to organize its grand finale on 9th June 2018 at the Hotel Guarani Theatre. Lía Duarte Ashmore, Miss Grand Paraguay 2017 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Miss Grand Paraguay 2018 will be the second edition of the Miss Grand Paraguay contest which will crown its representative to Miss Grand International 2018. Miss Grand Paraguay has been training their contestants by organizing different activities and promotional events so that they can groom the candidates to give their best in the national contest.

Paraguay is yet to pioneer its win at the international pageant. With the contestant list growing from last year, there is definitely a chance that the country will be able to dominate at the Miss Grand International pageant with the crowning of their beauty queen.


Miss Grand Paraguay 2018 Meet the Contestants


So, without further ado, here are the delegates of Miss Grand Paraguay 2018 –

Amarillo Blanca (Age – 27 years/ Height 178 cm)

Adelaide Cubilla (Age – 27 years/ Height 176 cm)

Liss Bianca Antonelli (Age – 19 years/ Height 173 cm)

Daniela García (Age – 18 years/ Height 167 cm)

Irene Camacho Azcona (Age – 22 years/ Height 172 cm)

Leticia Echeverría (Age – 22 years/ Height 170 cm)

Camila Cabo (Age – 20 years/ Height 170 cm)

Romina Cáceres (Age – 17 years/ Height 172 cm)


Miss Grand Paraguay 2018 Meet the Contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss Grand paraguay Facebook Official)

Clara Sosa (Age – 24 years/ Height 175 cm)

Camila De Souza (Age – 20 years/ Height 164 cm)

Támara Carvallo (Age – 25 years/ Height 176 cm)

Brenda Barrios (Age – 22 years/ Height 167 cm)

Liz Heppner (Age – 20 years/ Height 172 cm)

Gissel González (Age – 25 years/ Height 172 cm)

Vanessa Ramirez (Age – 23 years/ Height 173 cm)

Ana Niedermeyer (Age – 18 years/ Height 181 cm)