Alexandra Gaidai to represent Russia at Miss Grand International 2021?

22 Apr 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Tourism Russia will soon appoint or crown Miss Grand Russia 2021 who will represent Russia at Miss Grand International 2021 and succeed Miss Grand Russia 2020 Guzel Musina for the title. Guzel recently represented Russia at Miss Grand International 2020 where she was highly appreciated for her performance throughout the competition.

According to rumors, Alexandra Gaidai seems like a potential candidate to represent Russia at Miss Grand International 2021. She is 21-years-old and stands 177 cm tall. She is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and works as a professional model who is passionate about beauty pageants and representing the country at international competition.



Alexandra is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she won Miss Tourism Russia 2020 and Miss Bikini Russia 2020. She has worked with various famous designers and photographers in Russia which has helped her to gain experience, knowledge, and confidence to be able to represent the country at international competition.  The diva is hardworking, determined, and focused on the work she does and has been appreciated by the people she has worked with for her professional and honest work.

The beauty queen loves to travel and explore new places to learn about a different culture and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The diva also advocates the environmental issues and strongly believes that if we would take up some strict actions to save mother earth, changes would be significant and make our world a better place to live. In one of her posts, she mentioned, “Some things that can be done to help our planet reduce the use of plastic: give preference to water in a glass over plastic, reuse all kinds of jars rather than throw them away, choose paper bags, buy things from recycled materials, sort waste. This is becoming the norm. And it has long become customary in European countries.”



Alexandra is strong, confident, and dedicated towards her dreams and ambitions in life, if she gets appointed as the new Miss Grand Russia 2021, she can be a strong contender for the title as she can start preparing herself and work on her skills and abilities for the competition. She has always expressed her gratitude towards the opportunities she has received in life which has helped her to showcase her best qualities and talents, to stay motivated, and confident throughout. She wants to make her country proud and if she gets selected, she will surely be one of the favorites for the title.