Kathryn Fanshawe appointed Miss Grand Wales 2020

01 Aug 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Grand UK organization has selected its representative of Wales to compete in Miss Grand International 2020 as they took to their official social media to make the announcement. Kathryn Fanshawe has been appointed Miss Grand Wales 2020 as she succeeds Miss Grand Wales 2019 Emma Davies.

After being appointed as the new Miss Grand Wales, Kathryn took to her social media and posted a gratitude post by stating that she has been working towards this goal for a while now and she is excited and feels blessed that the hard work has finally paid off well. She strongly feels that one receives what they put their soul and hard work into.



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She is 23-years-old and started her pageant journey three years ago and had been working very hard since then. She mentioned that she had been through tremendous amount of whirlwind of emotions while preparing herself for the competition but she feels honoured that she has finally been able to achieved what she needed; to represent her country at international stage. The diva started working with the designers and brands in Wales and UK that helped her in shaping her performance and have her experience the taste of modelling. The people she has worked with had mentioned that she is hard working, focused, and determined to win the situation kind of a person which will help her during the pageant.

Kathryn also competed at Miss Intercontinental United Kingdom 2019 where she was appreciated for her performance but unfortunately wasn’t placed. She is a strong, confident, and determined woman who believes that if one must achieve their dreams, they must work hard for them and put in their best effort. The diva feels that everyone should be kind and helpful towards each other because the woman uplifting woman is the only way woman can be empowered and encouraged to take onto the world.



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Kathryn has already started to prepare herself for the finale event even though it is scheduled for next year and is focusing on learning about current affairs in the world for the communication and interview round. She is training for her walk-on stage, posing on stage, body angles, body postures, and maintaining her mental space and confidence on-stage. The diva is also giving her health utmost attention and working out every day to maintain healthy and fit body.

With her positive attitude towards winning and just participating at the competition, Kathryn Fanshawe can emerge as a frontrunner for the title.