Kirsty Jane Fletcher appointed Coach and Mentor for Miss Great Britain

15 Jan 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Great Britain organization has recently announced Kirsty Jane Flethcer as the official coach and mentor for the national pageant franchise. Kirsty, who is 52 years old and a mother of two was recently crowned as Ms Great Britain Classic 2021.

The organization welcomed the queen as they shared, “With that been said, This Is Me is something I really wanted to still be a part of the Miss Great Britain journey and I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to our new OFFICIAL MISS GREAT BRITAIN COACH & MENTOR…. The fabulous Kirsty Jane Fletcher. With her passion and experience in pageantry, we are thrilled to entrust Kirsty with this prestigious position.”



Kirsty is a salon owner and beauty therapist by trade as well as running a health and wellness business. Her warmth and passion for helping women feel fabulous and flourish is evident and she loves that she gets to do this every single day. Kirsty is very proud of the community she has created and feels that it aligns perfectly with her new, exciting role of Coach and Mentor.

Kirsty’s favourite word is flourishing, which means to grow and develop in a healthy, vigorous manner!  She is so excited and ready to help finalists of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances flourish and become the best version of themselves, both inside and out, and take their next, or first, steps towards winning the Miss, Ms & Ms Classic, Great Britain crown.

Miss Great Britain is Britain's longest running beauty contest held annually in Britain since 1945. The current title holders of the title are Miss Great Britain 2021/22 Eden McAllister and Ms Great Britain 2021/22 Kat Henry.