Raziya Nasiza to represent Kyrgyzstan at Miss Intercontinental 2020

09 Jul 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Kyrgyzstan announced Raziya Nasiza as the official representative of Kyrgyzstan for Miss Intercontinental 2020 scheduled to take place in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt on 29th October 2021. The beauty queen is excited to represent the country at international competition.

Raziya is 24-years-old and has graduated from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne, Switzerland. She also has a master of science degree in Business Administration of Business. In 2019, she graduated from the Bachelor of Marketing Almaty Management University. She is fluent in English and German.



The diva, at a very young age, has managed to travel to almost ten countries and distinguished herself as a confident, strong, and determined woman. She is a keen advocate for education and traveling and is looking forward to using the platform of Miss Intercontinental Kyrgyzstan 2021 to share her passion for education and traveling with everyone. She was also very actively involved in the life of the university as a volunteer. She was in the marketing department, and the student council, and the musical team.

Raziya is a strong, confident, and focused woman who believes that women should be strong enough to call themselves self-sufficient and happy. She uses her social media to advocate strongly for women's empowerment and make them realize that they should be respected, taken care of, and need to be heard. In one of her powerful posts she wrote, "Lead yourself in circles of hell and reach the place where everything converges and the truth of the moment is realized. Where the value of all the experience and the path traveled comes in. Where the seeds of acceptance and self-love dwell. And again, you need to learn to walk, hear, feel, and think. All over again. Even learning to eat again. Otherwise, qualitatively differently. "

The beauty queen usually shares anecdotes about her life and believes that someday someone will get inspired by them and try to work hard and stay dedicated towards their dreams and maybe achieve them. She has started to prepare for the competition and feels blessed that she is going to represent Kyrgyzstan at Miss Intercontinental 2020. She has been a part of a couple of photoshoots which has helped her to build up her confidence and comfortability in front of a camera, which is something required for a beauty pageant.

Raziya Nasiza is grateful for all the opportunities and believes that with her right preparation she can make Kyrgyzstan proud at Miss Intercontinental 2020.