Miss International 2018 Top 8 Final Speeches

09 Nov 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss International 2018 Top 8 Final Speeches


The grand coronation of Mss International 2018 was held on 9th November 2018 in Tokyo, Japan where a total of 77 countries competed for the crown. The winner was crowned by Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana at the conclusion of the event.

After a series of preliminary rounds and aptitude tests in front of the judges and the audiences, the Mariem Claret Velazco of Venezuela was crowned the new international queen. But before the announcement, the Top 8 finalists gave their final speeches that determined the winner and runner-ups that would aid Mariem during her reign.


Miss International 2018 Top 8 Final Speeches


Following are the answers -

Miss International Colombia 2018 Anabella Castro Sierra

Anabella starts her speech with the importance of peace and forgiveness as she has seen families getting divided due to conflicts. She goes on to say that she is representing everyone in her country, be it those who are invisible, single mothers, or elderlies. Anabella wants to become the voice of the people who have no voices.


Miss International Ecuador 2018 Michelle Huet Rodríguez

Michelle emphasises on the definition of beauty and starts by saying that it is subjective and we have to work every day to deep ourselves as people. She then got on to say that true beauty is your essence, values and principles. Michelle then praises the advocacy of Miss International how it does not have any inter-cultural barriers and that everyone speaks the language of love, respect and integrity.


Miss International Japan 2018 Hinano Sugimoto

Hinano focused her speech on women empowerment. She related the issue to her choice of academics, that is Major in Physics. Hinano says that there are a very few women who opt for such a subject, mainly because of the fear of being questioned and judged by society. She then went on to say that if she wins the pageant, she will not only pursue her dream of becoming a researcher but also become a “shining star” for women all around the world and encourage them to fulfil their dreams no matter how difficult the situation is around them.


Miss International Philippines 2018 Maria Ahtisa Manalo

Maria starts by saying the age is not a barrier to attain our dreams or to have an impact on others. She then cites the ways she has contributed to become the voice of the youth and give them the message that nothing is impossible with hardworking and determination. Maria goes on to say that with the help of her co-competitors, she will prove that it is love peace and beauty that matters the most.


Miss International 2018 Top 8 Final Speeches


Miss International Romania 2018 Bianca Tirsin Lorena

Bianca focused her speech on the importance of being an influence to the younger generation, to educate them to be respectful of their culture and traditions. She wants to develop a healthy lifestyle, culture and career development. Bianca believes that education is the key to attaining development. She then goes on to say that educating children not only empower people but also entire communities. Bianca said that upon winning, she will emphasise on the importance of education.


Miss International Spain 2018 Susana Sánchez Hernández

Relating to the struggles that she has faced in her life, Susana’s speech focuses on encouraging people to work hard and not give up on their dreams and goals. She tell the audience to not give up on themselves and keep on working for a better life and a better future just like she did.


Miss International 2018 Top 8 Final Speeches


Miss International South Africa 2018 Reabetswe Rambi Sechoaro

Reabetswe starts by proudly talking about her culturally diverse country and the amount of hard work she has put in to stand on this stage today. She then goes on to say that she wants to encourage African women to work this hard as she believes that even they can attain their goals and dreams in life by doing so.


Miss International Venezuela 2018 Mariem Claret Velazco García

Mariel starts by saying that this day is very special for her as she was celebrating not only because of her position as a finalist in the competition but also because it was her birthday. She went on to make a birthday wish on the stage, saying that if she wins, she would encourage children to develop the habit of reading because she believes that it is the way towards knowledge. If she wins, she says she would make sure every child has access to books.