Camila Ribera Roca crowned Miss International Bolivia 2024

01 Jul 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

In a shining moment for Bolivia's pageant scene, Camila Ribera Roca has been crowned Miss International Bolivia 2024. At 26 years old and standing an impressive 1.78 meters tall, Ribera Roca brings not only beauty but a deep-rooted commitment to social change and academic excellence to her title.

A graduate with highest honors in Commercial Engineering, Ribera Roca's journey towards the crown was paved with academic achievements and a strong passion for community service. Throughout her university years, she held a scholarship dedicated to social responsibility, where she spearheaded projects that aimed to uplift marginalized communities. Her efforts extended beyond the classroom as she actively participated in volunteer initiatives such as Operation Smile and Techo, solidifying her reputation as a compassionate leader.



Ribera Roca's dedication to creating positive change culminated in the establishment of her own initiative, "Yo Soy." This project, born from her dream to make a lasting impact, focuses on empowering individuals and communities through sustainable development practices. Her initiative not only reflects her vision for a better society but also demonstrates her proactive approach to addressing societal challenges.

Speaking after her crowning, Ribera Roca expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent Bolivia on the international stage of Miss International. She emphasized her commitment to promoting social responsibility and sustainable development during her reign, aiming to inspire others to take action towards positive change.



As Miss International Bolivia 2024, Ribera Roca stands poised to bring her platform to a global audience, showcasing Bolivia's rich culture and her dedication to making a difference. Her journey from academic excellence to advocacy exemplifies the spirit of modern pageantry, where beauty meets purpose and impact.

Camila Ribera Roca's coronation not only marks a personal triumph but also signifies a new chapter in Bolivia's representation on the international stage, where her voice and vision for a better world will resonate far and wide.