Cindy Isendi to represent Kenya at Miss International 2021

22 Sep 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss International Kenya has announced Cindy Isendi as the new Miss International Kenya 2021 who and she will be representing the country at the Miss International 2021 stage. She is excited to represent her home country at such prestigious stage.

Hailing from the town of Matungu, Cindy is 23-years-old and works as a professional model who represented Kenya at Beauty of Africa International 2019 where she was crowned as the winner at the end of the event finale. Cindy had previously participated at Miss Kenya 2017 and later for Miss Tourism 2017 where she was placed at top 5 at the end of the event finale.



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Cindy has always aspired to be a beauty queen but with a positive and impactful mindset and the mission of Beauty of Africa International impressed the diva so much that she decided to give it a shot. Explaining about the mission she said, the beauty pageant helped her to promote culture, tourism, and positive changes amongst the young women in the rebranding of the African community and any issue confronting womanhood across the continent.

The diva had explained that during her stint at Beauty of Africa International 2019 she understood the importance of modeling profile. She also explained that the biggest challenge she faced was the change of the environment but she quickly adapted herself into the new environment and made friends with the delegates and enjoyed her time at the competition.



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Cindy had mentioned that most of the people assume that beauty pageant is an easy job but it’s not and one thing that she has learned throughout her journey is the fact that one should never take things personally because if one starts taking things personally then it gets very difficult to survive. It has also taught her wisdom in life.

Cindy is young but very confident that she has the skills and abilities to win the title of Miss International 2021. She has started preparing herself for the pageant as she is working on perfecting her on-stage walk, body postures and angles, her communication and interview skills which would help her during the pageant.