Miss International Queen Myanmar 2020 May Thitsar Muang dies in an alleged car accident

09 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

On June 7th 2021, Myanmar stress and model May Thitsar Muang was reported dead in a car accident. As per sources, May’s death is still behind the curtains. There has been no proper justification regarding her recent accident, which led her to death.

It is said she died in a car accident, but people are scared for every young trans woman in this world who stands up for justice and who she is. It is important to remember that many girls who have represented their country in international reigns have been threatened to be imprisoned and even receive a death sentence for the simple fact of them raising their voices and telling the world what is really happening in their country.

May was never afraid, she always stood for justice with a strong heart. Some netizens also conspire that she was shot and killed for criticizing Myanmar's military junta. So far now, May’s death seems pretty confusing and conspired as there are no official reports.



On her recent posts on her socials, the queen was found to be seeking help from international countries after the couped military arrested citizens of Myanmar. Moreover she has frequently posted asking for the release of elected leaders.

May’s age seemed to be in her 20s, as she has never revealed anything about her actual date of birth in the public domain. She was very less vocal towards her personal details. She represented Myanmar at Miss International Queen 2020 and was placed among the finalists at the end.

May was a kind, beautiful and inspiring transgender woman. She also stood up against the Myanmar junta government by shaving her head and joining protests to bring attention to injustice. With her death, it has definitely turned out as a cruel Pride month for the community.

Condolences and prayers have been falling in from the pageant industry and her fellow queens as they are devasted and shocked by her untimely death. We pray that God grants those mourning this death the strength and the courage to carry on.