Shiori Kojima crowned Miss Japan 2022

21 Sep 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 2022 edition of Miss Japan was held on 16th September 2022 at Hotel Chinzanso in Tokyo where Shiori Kojima was crowned Miss Japan 2022. The stunning Japanese beauty bested forty-one other contestants to win the crown.

Shiori Kojima is 27 years of age who works as an advertising agency employee. On being crowned Miss Japan 2022, she took to her official social media as she wrote, I am very happy and at the same time feel a great sense of responsibility. In my Grand Prix speech I carried the feelings of the 42 people on my back at once. Having received this award, I strongly felt that I had to take responsibility and carry it out.”


Ever since Shiori was a student, she felt that she is the happiest when she is working hard with her peers. She feels that the time spent encouraging each other is the most fruitful and happy time for me. “I am a person who can do nothing by myself. Until now, I have always had strong support, wonderful friends and family around me. That's why I will always remember to be "thank you" and move forward. Shine yourself as Miss Japan and become an influential woman who makes Japan shine. It's been a long time, but thank you for reading to the end”, she added.

Top 5 finalists also included Nanaha Takaoka of Ehime, Risa Kitano of Tokyo, Kanako Tamura of Kumamoto and Akari Motojima of Nagano. Along with these placements, for the first time, Mari Uehara was crowned Miss Japan Premuim 2022 (for aged 30 and above).



Miss Japan was re-established in 2019 in addition to Mister Japan by HDR Corporation, the same organization which has in the past staged Miss Earth Japan and Miss Universe Japan. Congratulations to the winners.