Karimar Quiñones for Miss World Puerto Rico 2020?

03 Jul 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The coronation of Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2020 or Miss World Puerto Rico 2020 will be held soon where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title and an opportunity to represent Puerto Rico at Miss World 2020 stage. Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2019 Daniella Rodríguez will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

With the list of potential delegates being made for the pageant, Karimar Quiñones has caught our attention as one of the potential delegates who can represent Puerto Rico at Miss World 2020 stage. She is 25-years-old and stands 170 cm tall. She is an author but also a mortician and a professional model too.



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Karimar is not new to pageant as she was one of the participants at Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2019 where she represented the Town of Carolina.  She has worked with designers and brands in Puerto Rico to earn more experience and knowledge about beauty pageants and modelling. The diva strongly believes in three words which is also mentioned in her social media account; “Purpose, action and success.” She has faith in the fact that one must be dedicated and focused towards their goal in order to reach somewhere.

“I am a faithful believer that in life something we are not prepared for will not be welcome, but I also know that we will not know that we are also prepared until we try” she stated. The diva who is keen supporter of beauty with a purpose projects feels that beauty pageants give the divas a chance and an opportunity to bring out and voice out something they truly want to do which is a great thing to do. She is very dedicated to work for the elderly people and want to raise awareness for them. She believes that elderly people have so much to offer and people should be more considerate towards them. They are truly who understand the value of life and their experience can help us as individuals to shape up our lives better.



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The diva started writing about her experience at the age of 15 and her book, Purpose, Action and Success which was released in 2016 is the basis of the three workshops that she jointly created and contributed to the Puerto Rico Department of Education. She is now working for the awareness about education among the youth in the country. She believes that with her hard work and Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2020’s stage, she can reach out to a larger audience. If she decides to participate, she can be a strong contender for

Karimar like to stay fit and healthy and spends her free time working out in the gym and sometimes outdoors too. She has developed the desire to stay healthy and fit and working on herself gives her confidence and motivates her to push her strengths. She works on her on-stage walk, body postures and angles and most importantly on her interview skills which is very essential part of any beauty pageants. She is confident, beautiful, and could be a great candidate to represent Puerto Rico at Miss World 2020 stage. She is experienced, strong, confident, and very focused.