Who will win Miss Oregon USA 2022?

14 Jan 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

The finale of Miss Oregon USA 2022 is all set to be held on 15th January 2022 at the Sherwood Center for the Arts where twelve stunning ladies will compete for the state crown and win the opportunity to represent Oregon at Miss USA 2022.

The preliminary show will begin at 2 PM while the finale show will begin at 5 PM. The winner of the pageant will succeed and be crowned by Miss Oregon USA 2021 Allison Cook who represented Oregon at Miss USA 2021 but remained unplaced.

Know more about the contestants competing for Miss Oregon USA 2022 –

Kara Bennett

Kara hails from Baker County and attends Eastern Oregon University where she is studying molecular biology and working toward her dream of becoming a general surgeon. The determination to join the health field started as a child when she was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. She is a proud participant of #showmeyourpump and cannot wait to wear her insulin pump across the Miss Oregon stage. Kara’s platform ‘Stronger Together’ teaches children about disabilities in an effort to create more inclusive environments.



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Emily Curtis

Emily hails from Cherry city and is currently a nursing student at Chemeketa Community College. Before pursuing her nursing career, she earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln where she was also on the rowing team. She is a two-time marathon finisher and has a goal of visiting every national park in the country.



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Rachel Sheldon

From Coos River, Rachel is a Cum Laude graduate of Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Music. Rachel’s love for science began more than 10 years ago when she opened her organic agriculture and ranching business, Tioga Farms. Currently, along with running her business, Rachel works in pediatric medicine to provide a happier and healthier future for the youth of her community in Coos County.



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Justice Williams

From Corvallis, Justice is a first-generation college student at Oregon State University. She’s studying Bio-health sciences with a pre-medical focus and medical humanities certificate. After overcoming homelessness and being an unaccompanied youth at 15, her passion for not only self-advocacy but advocacy for the homeless community as a whole burns brighter than ever. Following graduation this Spring, she plans to take a gap year to focus on launching her nonprofit, Changing the Face of Homelessness.



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Elizabeth (Liz) Garcia

Elizabeth is an Actor/model, care worker, and psychic medium. She graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA and plans on getting her Bachelor’s in nursing. She was taught from a young age to be brave, hard-working, and generous. Since Elizabeth is aware of the problems that come with mental health and how hard it is for people going homeless to get through it, she plans to put her energy on finding a solution.



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Alison Bowles

Alison hails from Portland and is the CEO of Uprise Marketing and has been featured in Forbes as one of the most Influential People in Business. She is a model with Muse Models in Portland and MMG in NYC. Alison has started the Protect & Prevent Program with her organization YOUv Radiance, as seen in Allure Magazine, after she had skin cancer herself. Alison is a travel blogger who has visited over 20 countries with her brand wanderinheels.com.



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Brooklyn Lowery

Brooklyn is a 24-year-old model, veterinary professional, and is completing a bachelor’s in business marketing. With her sights set on a pharmaceutical marketing career, she always leads with her heart focused on improving the lives of people and our furry friends. Brooklyn believes in the power of pageantry and uses her story, social media, and co-directs a pageant with the purpose of proving that pageantry was made to encourage and empower ALL women.



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Viktoria Fox

Viktoria is a serial entrepreneur, who’s pioneered in the legal cannabis and cryptocurrency industries. Whether it’s a taboo, or male dominated industry, Viktoria believes in taking risks and following one’s dreams. Most are surprised to learn of Viktoria’s mixed heritage. She’s fluent in both Vietnamese and English. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of young girls that you can come from anything, look and be different, yet still thrive in this world.



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Irene Zielinski

Irene is 22 years of age and is a collegiate cross country and track athlete and member of the US Coast Guard. On a pursuit towards equal pay in athletics, Irene is in the law school application process with the goal of becoming a sports attorney. Outside of the track, Irene has helped raise thousands of dollars for THORN: a non-profit dedicated to fighting child trafficking.



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Blanca Pena

Blanca is a certified diamontologist. She continues to grow and explore opportunities, has finished her real estate course and will be pursuing her license. Blanca started Speak Out-Speak Up, on social media. She struggled to find her inner confidence and voice to speak out about her past. She hopes to motivate anyone to find their voice and speak up.



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Elaina Gabriel

Elaina holds the integral role of Global Project Manager at Daimler Trucks North America where she works on new projects and technology to improve safety, comfort, and electric vehicles. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and master’s in engineering technology management. In her freetime, Elaina enjoys acting, modeling, and staying fit. Elaina aspires to help advocate for woman and children pursuing their career and education, especially in STEM related fields.



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Arielle Freytag

Arielle’s passion is helping others and making positive change. Invested in her community, she sits on the board of her city’s resource center as the Vice President, providing opportunities for individuals and families to be healthy and connected to create a stronger community. Her love of the entertainment industry has led to walking NYFW, red carpets, and appearing at award shows. Arielle’s latest adventure is taking to the skies! She’s currently enrolled in flight training.



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