Miss Perú 2023 Meet the Delegates

23 Mar 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Peru organization, led by Jessica Newton, held the official press presentation organized in the Real Felipe Fortress. The presentation saw the introduction of the official candidates who will compete for the crown of Miss Peru Universe 2023.

During the conference, it was revealed that this year there will be two pageants, one in which the candidate for Miss Peru Universe 2023 will be chosen and another in which the new Miss Peru Grand 2023 will be chosen.The contestants were divided into red and white gowns as the organization will host a separate pageant for Miss Universe Peru 2023 and Miss Grand Peru 2023.


Miss Peru´ 2023 Meet the Delegates


Here are the contestants competing for Miss Peru Universe 2023 – Gianella Razuri, Clarisse Uribe, Darling Valderrama, Allison Quiroz, Valeria Moran, Winny Zapata, Maria Fernanda Malca, Nathaly Terrones, Lisseth Garcia, Evelyn Sotomayor, Nathie Quijano, Nathaly Lopez, Alice Pacheco, Luana Silva, Krysta Celi, Alexandra Balarezo, Larizza Farfan, Camila Escribens, Stephanie Carhuas and Suheyn Cipriani.

The contestants competing for Miss Grand Peru 2023 are Zuliet Seminary, Michelle Shock, Alejandra Espino, Anahy de la Colina, Sheyla Zuniga, Mayra Messa, Nicolle Tassara, Carla Ramos, Fairús Oré, Pia Requejo, Brenda Serpa, Luciana Fuster.