Miss Polski 2019 Meet the Delegates

09 Sep 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

The grand coronation night of Miss Polski 2019 which will take place in December this year, where various delegates from all around the country will compete for the national crown of Miss Polski 2019 aka Miss Poland 2019. The winner will represent the country at Miss Universe 2020 and, will succeed Miss Universe Poland 2019 Olga Bulawa at the conclusion.

Since the gala night of the pageant will take place in December later this year, the organization has unveiled the delegates competing in this year’s edition for the crown of Miss Polski 2019 aka Miss Poland 2019. Let’s look at the beauties –


Miss Polski 2019 Meet the Delegates


Contestant No. 1 – Natalia Baran from Walbrzycha

Contestant No. 3 – Paulina Bolozfrom Krynicy Zdroju

Contestant No. 4 – Agnieszka Choszczfrom miejscowosci Linia (pomorskie)

Contestant No. 5 – Aleksandra Drezekfrom Pisza

Contestant No. 7 – Weronika Frackowiak from Olawy

Contestant No. 9 – Kornelia Golebiewska from Moraga

Contestant No. 11 – Martyna Jagielska from Opola

Contestant No. 13 – Paulina Karasiuk from Wroclawia

Contestant No. 15 – Magdalena Kasiborska from Zabrza

Contestant No. 17 – Dominika Konarska from Sosnowca

Contestant No. 19 – Anna Kozlowska from Radomia

Contestant No. 21 – Marta Machnik from Rzeszowa


Miss Polski 2019 Meet the Delegates

(Photo Credits: Miss Polski Official)

Contestant No. 22 – Justyna Maliszewska from Warszawy

Contestant No. 25 – Justyna Niegolewska from Szczecina

Contestant No. 26 – Zuzanna Oszmian from Bialegostoku

Contestant No. 28 – Karolina Piascik from Lomzy

Contestant No. 29 – Natalia Pigula from Lodzi

Contestant No. 33 – Nela Serwacinska from Konstantynowa

Contestant No. 34 – Marta Skwierczynska from Rzgowa

Contestant No. 36 – Anita Sobótka from Warszawy

Contestant No. 39 – Julia Szewczuk from Warszawy

Contestant No. 42 – Karolina Wiltowska from Jelenie jGóry

In the year 2018, Magdalena Swat represented Poland at Miss Universe 2018 pageant and successfully secured a place in the Top 20. Therefore, the new queen will surely have a lot of pressure to perform equally good and secure a spot in the finale. Wishing all the very best to all the beauties!