Miss Portuguesa 2019 Meet the Delegates

22 Jul 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

The grand coronation night of Miss Portuguesa 2019 is all set to be hosted on 27th July 2019 in Gramido, Portugal, where around eighteen delegates will compete for the national crown. The winner of the pageant will represent Portugal at Miss World 2019 to be held in London this December. Meanwhile, the other beauties will also be selected from amongst all the contestants and will be crowned for major pageants such as Miss Universe 2019, Miss International 2019 and Miss Supranational 2019.


Miss Portuguesa 2019 Meet the Delegates


Since the pageant is all set to crown the new queen within a few days, it has unveiled its delegates who will compete in this year’s edition.

The stunning beauties competing in the pageant are –

Marina Ferreira (Age: 20 years, Height: 161 cm)

Cristina Carvalho (Age: 25 years, Height: 165 cm)

Mariza Santos (Age: 22 years, Height: 166 cm)

Sabrina Rebeiro (Age: 24 years, Height: 167 cm)

Lucia Lima (Age: 18 years, Height: 168 cm)

Cristina Silva (Age: 18 years, Height: 168 cm)


Miss Portuguesa 2019 Meet the Delegates

(Photo Credits: Miss Portuguesa Facebook Official)

Ana Damasceno (Age: 23 years, Height: 170 cm)

Inês Brusselmans (Age: 24 years, Height: 170 cm)

Beatriz Carvalho (Age: 19 years, Height: 170 cm)

Carolina Liquito (Age: 22 years, Height: 170 cm)

Daniela Clara (Age: 20 years, Height: 170 cm)

Nadini Machado (Age: 27 years, Height: 177 cm)

Sandra Goncalves (Age: 20 years, Height: 172 cm)

Beatriz Mota (Age: 17 years, Height: 173cm)

Laura Gameiro (Age: 23 years, Height: 175 cm)

Victoria Alves (Age: 17 years, Height: 175 cm)

Sylvie Silva (Age: 20 years, Height: 176 cm)

Joana Rodrigues (Age: 20 years, Height: 177 cm)

Miss Portuguesa represents the Portuguese woman in Portugal and outside of Portugal, thus constituting a brand and an international image of the country and its municipalities in diverse participation. Last year, Portugal competed in these four significant International beauty pageants but could not secure a spot in any of these pageants. Thus, this year’s edition will be more of hopes and desires to secure a position in any of the international pageants.