Micke Oosthuizen aspires to utilize Miss South Africa 2021 to advocate women empowerment

09 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The 63rd edition of Miss South Africa, i.e., Miss South Africa 2021 will be hosted in October as the organization posted a trailer as an announcement for asking potential candidates to enter themselves for the competition a few weeks ago. The winner will succeed Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida for the title and earn the opportunity to represent South Africa in an international competition. The last date to enter the competition is 24th June 2021 at midnight.

Micke Oosthuizen is one of the applicants for Miss South Africa 2021 who aspires to represent South Africa in international competition and along with making a positive and significant change in society. The diva recently submitted her application video in which she mentions the desire to win the title and make South Africa proud.



The diva is 23-years-old and is currently specializing in reproductive biology. She describes herself as an ambitious, passionate, and hardworking woman who is ready to lead the next generation of powerful women of South Africa with goodness, kindness, and greatness. Micke explains that if she is selected as Miss South Africa 2021, she would like her reign to be a woman supporting women.

Along with supporting women, the beauty queen would also like to create awareness and start a conversation about women’s health and reproductive health, the inequity and inequality of the health care system in South Africa, and sexual abuse happening to women and children. The diva believes that imperfect action makes things happen and decided to make waves. "I want to do more than just exist; I want to inspire. I want to stop waiting for the perfect moment and start taking imperfect steps. LET 'S GO SOUTH AFRICA, THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE, " she added.

Micke is kind, honest, positive, and hopeful that she will be selected for Miss South Africa 2021 and will be able to perform her best to earn the crown. She is a firm believer that ‘being kind, doing good, and giving grace, not just to others but to yourself’, are the essentials that are needed right now in the world to change it into something beautiful. "Lead with kindness, goodness, and Grace! " she added.



The advocate of women supporting women wants to create and fill space with women who have fully come alive as they are not afraid to chase their dreams. She encourages people around her to keep working hard, stay dedicated, and keep their focus on the goals to have the life they always desire. She has always encouraged people to be their best version of themselves using her platform and would do the same if she wins.

In one of her posts, she shared, "The coolest thing about confidence is that it’s contagious and the more you trust yourself to show up wholly, the more you inspire others to do the same. No one is winning by you playing small, no one but you is missing out on precious moments, and the more you flex that confidence muscle, the stronger you’ll find it gets! " The diva emerges as a confident, strong, and focused woman who is surely going to give everyone a tough competition if she is selected.

"Speak this over yourself: I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am whole, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made," Micke said. Rest assured that God did not make any mistakes with you. This showcases how strong-headed and clear her opinions are. She is a great communicator and her entry video showcases that. If she is selected, she could be a tough competition.