Lucia Sacerdoti to represent Argentina at Miss Supranational 2020

15 Dec 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Mundo Argentina announced Lucia Sacerdoti as the official representative of Argentina for Miss Supranational 2020 stage which is scheduled to take place in early 2021 in Poland. Lucia succeeds Miss Supranational Argentina 2019 Avril Marco for the title.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Lucia is 18-years-old and is currently studying the International IB and will continue her studies at the University abroad in the Bachelor of Communication. She is excited to take over the duties as Miss Supranational Argentina 2020 and prepare for the competition.



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The diva had mentioned that she has always dreamt of being a beauty queen since she was little and was initially, she was curious about getting to know the world of misses but after entering the beauty pageant world, she aspired to be one. For Lucia, “Being a Miss is not only showing external beauty but also the capacities that we have as women in the appreciation of being ourselves and the empowerment that we demonstrate in each step we take.”

Lucia took to her social media to share her happiness and gratitude for being able to represent the home country at the Miss Supranational 2020 stage. She stated, “It’s an honour for me to represent my country, as the youngest contestant I will demonstrate that no matter age you are, dreams, goals and ambitions can be achieved.”

The diva strong feels that it’s a great blessing when one begins to build an important career path from a very young age. Studies, efforts, and dedication eventually pays off in the future along comes the happiness and personal and family’s fulfilment. She was one of the candidates for Miss Supranational Argentina 2019 and now she is going to represent the country at the international stage.



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Asking about her preparation, she mentioned, “My preparation started a while ago. I was abroad for 2 months and I am currently online with my coach who prepares Miss USA. My director Nadia Cerri. She is also supporting us with all her Miss Argentina staff. They dedicate our time, image advice and talks with other Misses to us and I feel very contained and ready to represent my beautiful country.” Talking about her social project, Lucia said that she is involved in the community work for Nordelta Foundation where she participates in events, along with teaching mathematics with a group from her school to children with fewer resources in the North Zone of Greater Buenos Aires.

Lucia also supports Santa Ines dining room as it gives her the opportunity to do community tasks, helping my social project: "United in Adversity." She urged everyone to keep working towards their dream and never to give up. “Don't let a NO stop you. Don't let a NO mean impossible in your goal or limit your dreams. Let the "YES I can do it" be your banner phrase and represent the empowerment we have to show,” she added. She is strong, experienced, and determined to win the title for Argentina.